Cloudy Bay 2018

Cloudy Bay was the name of my father’s boat and this painting was the first from my “Ash Blooms in the Blackwater” series.

Rough Crossing

Getting the ferry from Ardrossan To Brodick could sometimes be a torturous crossing, now it’s worse with cancellations and engineering issues.

Sorry I 'm Not Myself Today

The figure, once solid and defined, now blurs. This visual representation of physical decay is a metaphor for the mental unravelling accompanying these conditions, where memories fade and self-awareness erodes.

In The Name Of The Wee Man

From the Ash Blooms series. The title comes from an expression my dad would use whenever he found something difficult.


On the beach when we were younger my brother and I would often see hundreds of jellyfish left on the beach when the tide went out.

Only When I Laugh

Looking at the painting it reminded me of an x-ray and I remember my dad used to reply when asked if anything hurt he would say “Only when I laugh”.

The Cemetery Pull

From the Ash Blooms series. The Cemetery Pool was a pool on the Sliddery, a river, on The Isle Of Arran. My dad would fish there for salmon.

An Underlying Condition

Isolation is no stranger to creatives, but this painting and the other painting Peak)ended up being informed by the language used in the lockdown. 

Sheilded Memory Corricravie Isle of Arran

I chose to go “old school” on approaching this painting. It’s from memory looking over Corricravie on the Isle of Arran..

The One That Got Away

Every fisherman has tales of the one that got away. From the Ash Blooms series.


A more representational approach. “Peak” was a much-used word at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sheilded Memory Ernes, Normandy, France

 Shielding from the worst effects of Covid-19. Unable to go anywhere I started having memories of places I had visited. 


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