Shielded Memory Ernes, Normandy


Oil paint on plywood


470mm x 470mm(unframed)

500mm x 500mm (framed)


This piece came about during the pandemic in 2020 and as I was shielding from the worst effects of Covid-19. Unable to go anywhere I started having memories of places I had visited and this was an early memory of arriving at my in-laws in Ernes in Normandy in France for Christmas.

We drove from Scotland and took the ferry from Portsmouth to Caen. Arriving in the early hours and welcomed by a cold frost in Normandy we drove to Ernes. As we approached Ernes the cold mist was rising with the sun and the landscape was slowly revealing itself. The stillness and the silhouette of the trees in the mist always stayed with me so it seemed a logical thing during lockdown when we seemed to naturally reminisce to finally lock it down in oils.

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