It’s Like Everything’s Happening All At Once #WTFIGO


Polymer clay and various media 


Dimensions: Height 1.80m X 60cm x 60cm


The sculpture was damaged in The Big Art Show exhibition in 2022. It is currently being repaired and being reinterpreted into my nostalgia series. The sculpture refers to my recent stay at the RAH in Paisley. While there, we would hear a disembodied voice shouting, “Help me!” I never saw the man. But on my return home, I started interpreting it as a cry for help from the NHS, the country, or as events happened internationally, maybe even the world. This resulted in my perching man sitting helpless and precariously on edge in a hospital gown. (I mean, who feels in control dressed in a hospital gown.) Atop a thin bending pole. .

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