Vacma Project 2021

Fortunate to be a recipient of a modest Vacma Bursary from Creative Scotland and Renfrewshire Leisure. This is a work in progress of my Vacma project 2021.


Cut and primed boards
painted coloured ground on the boards.

I wanted the portraits to be very free and loose and as portrait painting is not in my comfort zone I chose to loosen up with some small monoprints.


The paintings did become rather detailed, which I was trying to avoid. Building layers within the resin I tried to be a little more expressive with the portraits giving the portraits a haunting quality.

As the project progressed and I started to apply the resin and it was clear that the resin effects could elevate the paints. I was considering having the portraits mounted on “stalk” like structures having just 3 or 4 in a group would be sculpturally anti-climatic. For this, to work you really need to create a forest of them to have any kind of impact.


I now had to give serious thought to an alternative form for the sculpture. After toying with the idea of constructing a totem of various materials. The intimacy of the small portraits made me rethink the whole idea of a floor-based display. Further research and thought, brought me to small form sculpture and primarily objet d’art. Which got me thinking about ceramics and that is going to change my Vacma project 2021.

Ceramics is a whole new level outside of my comfort zone. A bursary allows you to do that. To find new approaches, not to be scared of new techniques.

Now I just have to find a kiln nearby…

To be continued…


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