An Underlying Condition

Cloudy Bay
Making of An Underlying Condition
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An Underlying Condition


Resin with oil paint on MDF


505mm Diameter x 20mm

Isolation is no stranger to creatives, but this painting and the other painting Peak)ended up being informed by the language used in the lockdown. Isolated and shielded while being bombarded by constant graphs, phrases and acronyms. Perhaps because of the shielding, the repeated use of " underlying condition" kept echoing with me. It seems loaded with mystery. What was this underlying condition? Sitting isolated and viewing through the lens of traditional media and social media, it appears the world itself is suffering from an "underlying condition" or rather several of them. It was in this frame of mind, I worked on the painting. It succeeds in holding its own mystery the composition and form allowing the viewer to interpret the picture in their own way.

The technique I use with resin doesn't allow for control the piece evolves and reveals itself. It's own underlying condition if you will.


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